Darknet Markets Guide

A Brief Guide to Darknet Markets for Buyers


Browse Onion Websites

Tor Browser - Windows/ Mac / Linux
Orbot - Android 
Tails - secure OS that runs from a USB drive, has a built-in Tor Browser, Bitcoin wallet and PGP software


Buy Bitcoin

Coinbase - most popular exchage
Localbitcoins - a peer to peer trading platform
Bitcoin ATMs - buy bitcoin with cash


Bitcoin Wallets

Electrum - Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


Obfuscate Bitcoin trail

- Do not send bitcoin directly from exchange to market
- Mixer/Tumbler websites are useless
Wasabi Wallet is a trustless way to mix bitcoin (minimum amount 0.1 BTC)


Encrypt your address with PGP

Online websites - easy to use, client-side encrytion - these websites can be saved on you computer and run offline

(iGolder is not a safe PGP encryption website - encryption is server-side)

Windows/Linux PGP app - can run from a USB drive

Tails - for advanced users
Tails PGP Video Tutorials

free site maker

How to set up 2FA without installing any PGP software

Protect yourself against phishing links by enabling 2 factor authentication


Set up 2FA

- Go to https://sela.io/pgp, press "Generate PGP Keys" and wait
- Save "PGP Private Key" as a text file on your desktop
- Save "PGP Public Key" on your market profile
- Choose the 2FA login option and save


Log in using 2FA

After you enable 2FA, you will need to decrypt a PGP signed message every time you log in

- Choose 2FA login on you darknet market, complete all steps and then copy the PGP signed message
- Go to https://sela.io/pgp an press "Decrypt your PGP message"
- Paste the "Private PGP Key" you have saved on your desktop
- Paste the "PGP message to decrypt" you got from the darknet market
- Press "Decrypt" and copy the decrypted code
- Paste the decrypted code on the market page

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